Spoof Posters

In a mixture of boredom and creative feelings I decided to create some spoof posters from popular TV and Film franchises which now feature those amazing people who contributed to our book. Let us know what you think and what

One Month On

It’s been one month since we released All The Nomz: The Cookbook for Hungry Geeks out into the world and today we have hit the THREE THOUSAND DOLLAR mark. We’d like to just say a big thank you to all those

Release Day

The day has finally arrived, we can send our book out into the world. Putting the book together has been a huge amount of fun and we’ve worked with people who we never imagined we’d get the change to work

Week Fifteen Update

This week saw a rush of recipes arriving at the ATN research bunker from professional gamer Lauren Bleszinski, Alaskan singer / songwriter Marian Call and author Beth Revis. The book’s filling up nicely and just in time, as we’re almost ready to launch! There’s

Week Fourteen Update

We were pleasantly surprised by the amount of attention that our little cooking competition got this week. It’s events like this that will help people find out about All The Nomz!, so we’ll be planning to run more in the

Week Thirteen Update

All The Nomz! took a huge step forward this week, with the first sale of our charity cookbook. Given that it’s not even finished yet, that’s some trust that’s being placed in us, but given the quality of the recipes