Woohoo!! We’re officially ThinkGeek affiliates.

So what does this mean?
It means that dotted around our site we have banners and products linked to ThinkGeek.com, when you click on then you’ll be redirected to ThinkGeek’s website where you can purchase ALL THE GEEKY STUFF and the tiny internet robots tell ThinkGeek you made a purchase because of us and we get 7% commission.

We don’t want your stinkin money!
Okay that’s a lie, we do, we do want your money and if you’d like to send us money to help with the running of the site and helping us with doing more books, competitions etc then do get in touch. However, we won’t be keeping the commission from any purchase you make from ThinkGeek through us, we’ll send that money to Child’s Play.

What does this REALLY mean?
What this really means is that you can buy awesome geeky stuff from ThinkGeek and donate to Child’s Play at the same time.


Click the pretty picture to try it out, click it! CLICK IT!


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