Week Twelve Update

The recipes continue to arrive apace at ATN. This week has seen Molly Lewis‘ Death Star Cupcakes drop out of hyperspace into the Delicious system and we’ve received tantalising and mouth-watering pictures of Sandeep Parikh’s roasted rabbit recipe. News is spreading

Week Eleven Update

This week brought a lot of soul-searching and heated discussion to the usually calm halls of ATN. We’ve got some great recipes for ATN, but we don’t want to give you “great”, we want to give you “amazing”. We want

Week Ten Update

The ATN kitchen was even more popular this week than usual, thanks to the arrival of Phil Plait‘s Raspberry Bars recipe and The Doubleclicks‘ recipe. To say that we were fending off the beta testers is an understatement – these recipes are

Week Nine Update

Also known as the week in which ATN was talked about by Paul and Storm on their podcast, #132: Brisk and Crisp and Smellin’ Good. Yes, it’s true! Paul and Storm talked about submitting their (Southern 🙂 dip recipes to

Week Eight Update

If you’re like us, you already know Lego is awesome (except when you stand on a rogue piece). However, there is one thing that can make it even more awesome – Lego artist and genius Nathan Sawaya‘s recipe for a Lego

Week Seven Update

This week’s update comes to you from the hot and sunny Canary Islands. Surrounded as I am by great eats and drinks, my mind naturally turns to the recipes arriving at ATN Towers. Our latest contributor is Lobelia Lawson, purveyor of

Week Six Update

This week saw the first beta test of an ATN recipe submitted by Elizabeth Ann of NerdLush.com The word on the street is that Lotus Bakeries will be launching cookie butter in the UK soon, so our next batch will be even better.

Week Five Update

For the first time, the responsibility of creating an awesome cookbook for you is weighing heavily on our shoulders. There are rumours of a recipe so intense, so left-field, that we almost dare not include it in ATN. Almost. The

Week Four Update

Posted 28th February 2013 Big news this week! We’re on Tumblr! No, wait. That’s not our big news. James Kyson will be submitting a recipe to ATN! Details are still being finalised, but we’re hoping for something heroic (sorry). In the meantime, take

Week Three Update

The unpacking continues at the ATN research bunker. The kitchen shelves are groaning under the weight of many cookbooks, ingredients are being brought in for recipe beta testing and, most importantly, the walls are covered in designs for the book.