We will be hosting a Donation Drive at Nostalgia & Comics in conjunction with Comics4Causes.

It will be taking place the entire month of July and August 2014 and will be running along-side their Batman Day Charity Gala.

Which hospital is it for?
Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Where is the store?
The store is located near Birmingham New Street Station, the address is 14-16 Smallbrook Queensway, Birmingham, B5 4EN.

What’s been donated?

Comics/Graphic Novels
Bongo Futurama Comics #14
Bongo Futurama Comics #15
Bongo Simpsons Comics #107
Bongo The Simpsons: Bart Simpson – Little Devil #19
Bongo The Simpsons: Comic Book Guy Gets a Life
DC Batman Bryond Universe #6
DC Batman Detective Comics #27
DC Batman¬†Li’l Gotham #1
DC Green Lantern The Annimated Series #6
DC Looney Tunes #211
DC Looney Tunes #214
DC Robin Year One
DC Scooby Doo Team-Up featuring Batman & Robin #1
DDP GI Joe #11
IDW The Powerpuff Girls #4
IDW Transformers Animated
Marvel Apes 2 of 4
Marvel Excalibur #3
Marvel Excalibur #7
Marvel Exiles #35
Marvel Exiles #64
Marvel Fact Files #33
Marvel Iron Man 2 – Annual 2011
Marvel Mighty Avengers #1
Marvel New Avengers #2
Marvel New Mutants #6
Marvel Omega The Unknown 2 of 10
Marvel Spider-Man #1
Marvel The Twelve 10 of 12
Marvel Thor God of Thunder #1
Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man Issue 1
Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man Issue 2
Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man Issue 3
Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man Issue 5
Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man Issue 6
Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man Issue 7
Marvel Weapon X #19
Marvel X-Men Unlimited #8
Pokemon The First Movie – Mewtwo Strikes Back 1
Pokemon The First Movie – Mewtwo Strikes Back 3
Shonen Jump Naruto Vol 4 Issue 4
Shonen Jump Naruto Vol 4 Issue 6
Shonen Jump Naruto Vol 8 Issue 2
Thunderbirds #7
Tiny Titans Vol. 8

A Child’s Year of Stories and Poems
Batman Popular Culture/Collectables
Cathy’s Key
Daniel’s Train
DK Readers – Avengers Assemble (Level 3)
Jolly Phonics Workbook
Jonathan’s Ghost
Knowledge Masters: Outer Space
Lost and Found
Space Exploration
Star Wars Episode 1 – The Visual Encyclopaedia
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The Real Fairy Storybook
World of Reading – Return of the First Avenger (Level 2)
World of Reading – The Story of The Avengers (Level 2)

Evolution The Animated Series Volume 2
Fantastic Four Series 2 Volume 2 (Episodes 8-13)
Superheroes: Spider-Man DVD and Book Set

Toys and Games
Star Wars Cuddly Wookie
Superman Puzzle
WWE Kane Action Figure
WWE Randy Orton Action Figure

Who’s donated?
David Lewis
Jake (@Jake_TooTall)
Lee Daniels
Laura-Rose Ford (@BatsDontKill)