We’re teaming up with Nostalgia & Comics plus BatNerds BatsDontKill and Lady Batman to help celebrate 75 years of The Batman.

Laura and Joe are running a Wayne Enterprises Charity Gala to raise money for Birmingham’s Children’s Hospital with the sale of Batman themed cakes and biscuits, treasure maps and a raffle with some absolutely fantastic prizes which include a selection graphic novels, comics, art work and Blu-Rays signed by the likes of Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Jock, Dustin Nguyen, Gail Simone, Alex Ross, Yuri Lowenthal and many more.

There will also be Batman themed beer at the Craven Arms Pub with 50% of every purchase going to Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Avoid anything from Scarecrow because reasons.

If you want to take part in the raffle then head over to their dedicated JustGiving Page.  For those of you not in the UK, don’t worry, the raffle is open to you too.  Do read before donating as there’s some very important information there.

We’ll be setting up our donation drive during July at Nostalgia & Comics.  If you have any child friendly comics, books and board games then bring them down to Nosties who live at 14-16 Smallbrook Queensway, Birmingham, B5 4EN.

We’ve also set up an Amazon Wish List filled with graphic novels designed specifically for helping kids learn to read, you can check out the Wish List here.

We’ll check everything donated before taking it down to the hospital because kids.  Anything we deem unsuitable to be donated will be auctioned off at a later date for Child’s Play Charity.