Lee Daniels

Lee is a Civil Servant, which is code for him being a spy so shhhh! Away from “work” he’s generally got his head in a comic book, playing video games and continuing his quest to find music that isn’t Justin Beiber and Lady GaGa.

David Lewis

Astronaut, billionaire philanthropist crime fighter, Formula 1 driver – David is none of these, but that would be so cool, amiright?

David works as a User Experience Engineer for a multi-national financial company and relaxes as a writer of sci-fi and fantasy short stories, novellas, screenplays and unfinished novels (damn, those things have a lot of words!). He was first published as David K. Paterson in 2009 and has most recently had two short stories included in “Fusion”, a charity anthology published by Fantastic Books. You can find David as “dkplewis” pretty much anywhere.

Marian De Kleemaeker

She is an independent advisor and trainer in the Netherlands. She mainly teaches professionals in the public sector how they can use their network to make their job easier and better. Away from work she still likes to tell people how to change the world by doing things together. She is a bit naïve in that way, but usually gets people moving anyway.