We have future things and stuff on the way!

Nothing ready to roll out the door just yet but we want to keep you all up to date with what we’re doing, especially as we’ve been a little too quiet lately but fear not we’ve been sleeping working dilegently behind the scenes on new and exciting things. In no particular order here is what we’re working on or have planned to start making progress on soon.

ConVasion: A TableTop Game
This is our big one for next year (hopefully next year). You may have seen our tweets, FB posts and blog posts on here about it over the past 12 months but we’ve not updated you guys on the latest goings on.

Artwork – We have spoken with the artist we want to use and he’s excited to be joining us. I’m not giving out a name for now until we are fully in a position to greenlight the artist in question, so for now SUSPENSE!!!

Mechanics – Myself (Lee) and David had a really good playthough during the last Christmas period and I’ve been testing throughout the year. A lot of what we already had in place worked really well and with some small tweaks during the day we tightened up a few areas. Some of the ideas we came away with have evolved to make what we feel is a game that is enjoyable and challenging and offers good replayability.

If you are a tabletop gamer and based in and around the West Midlands, England and would like to help us out with some play testing, please do get in touch. We’re planning to be at the Cosy Café on Bennetts Street, Birmingham on International Table Top Day, we’ll have more details on that closer to the time.

We want to start doing some auctions through our site, we have a WP Plugin that looks promising but we’ll give it a good old test before we make it go live. One thing we can confirm is that just like the book, the auction will be linked to Child’s Play so when the winning bidder sends their payment, it goes directly to Child’s Play. At the moment our line of thinking is that we’ll send an invoice over for shipping once the auction has ended. We will of course have all the shipping costs detailed so you know how much it will all cost.

Selling Stuff
You may remember we made some Batman themed cookies for Nostalgia & Comics’ Batman Charity Gala and the cookies were a big hit. Now we won’t be selling cookies, sorry, but we will have the 3D print files we used for the icing designs available for purchase and when I eventually get a 3D printer we’ll sell the actual cutters.

We’re looking at getting physical copies of the book available for purchase plus we have the game to sell once it’s ready.

As before we will be sending 100% of the proceeds to Child’s Play but unlike the digital book which has zero overhead costs, the physical book and game will and we will make sure we have a system in place to keep your piece of mind that Child’s Play are receiving your donations.

Send Us Your Recipies
We want to put together another book and have a bunch of recipes on here. We also have a recipe plug-in that we can use to show all your recipes on here. If you have any that you would like to share with us then drop us an email to recipes@allthenomz.com detailing your ingredients, cooking instructions and pictures. Bonus points if you send us something with a geeky theme. If you have a copy of our book or just check out the preview you can see what we’re after.

Happy Star Wars release day everyone!!


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