Well, more like attended.

Last weekend was Star Fury’s annual Invasion con. At Inv4sion this year the guests were Felicia Day (Geek & Sundry), Sandeep Parikh (The Guild), Paul Blackthorne (Arrow), Garett Dillahunt (Sarah Connor Chronicles) and Francis Capra (Veronica Mars) with a surprise appearance from Mark Sheppard (Supernatural) on the Saturday.

For us it was great to finally meet Sandeep in person and thank him face to face for being part of our cookbook. For me personally it was great to meet Felicia, she’s a fantastic role model for anyone out there who wants to create something but have been told they or their idea isn’t good enough. As you know Marian Call has been a big influence on All The Nomz and to me but I know that without Felicia paving the way we wouldn’t be here.

On the Sunday morning through to mid afternoon we got our game on and dived into a game of Carcassone, a few games of Space Fluxx and we also got to play test our upcoming game and it was good. Very good, if we do say so ourselves. We came up with some ideas and worked out some mechanics that needed tweaking, now I’m looking forward to playing the game with the powers mechanics enabled to see how it really plays and just how much of a challenge it is.

Here’s some pictures of our game in progress:

We will continue to work on the game and will keep you updated as we go along. We have big plans for this one and can’t wait to share them with you.

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