We were pleasantly surprised by the amount of attention that our little cooking competition got this week. It’s events like this that will help people find out about All The Nomz!, so we’ll be planning to run more in the future. Keep checking back to find out how you could be in with a chance of winning next time.

Being our first competition, we weren’t expecting just how hard it is to pick a winner. Debates have been echoing around the ATN bunker as we try to decide just who should take the prize. We’re getting close to a unanimous decision and we’ll be in touch with the winner soon.

In contributor news, we’ve received an amazing recipe for roasted rabbit from The Guild and The Legend of Neil actor / writer / director / all-round good guy Sandeep Parikh.

It feels like we’re in the final stretch of putting the book together. A few more weeks and we’ll be ready to launch!

Signing off for another week,


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