Amelia Tyler is an actress, voiceover artist, gamer and self confessed geek with a sense of dedication bordering on obsessive and what she claims to be a scientifically provable allergy to housework (dusting once made her sneeze).

With clients including BBC, Nickelodeon and Disney, she’s worked in almost every area of the industry, from feature films to cartoons. She was the female voice of the UK’s SyFy Channel for 5 years and has recently appeared in several award-winning shorts and movies including ‘Pulp’, which made movie history as the first film ever to premiere on Xbox Live.

You’ll soon be able to catch Amelia in two webseries: tabletop gamer comedy¬†‘Nights at the Round Table’, as ass-kicking rock chick Harmony, and monster-filled mockumentary¬†‘I Am Tim’, as geeky vlogger Beth.