What can I say? I’m just a girl. Alright, not really. I’m a nerd blogger, which I started after a slightly successful turn writing for other sites in my rare free time. In my real life, I’m finishing a doctorate in Clinical Forensic Psychology and spend a lot of time studying a population most people stay far away from.

I’ve worked in a prison, with probation, with DCFS, volunteered with Drug inmates, at a children’s foster care facility, and run programs for homeless youths. So… you can see why I let my inner nerd run the show a lot, it’s how I stay sane in my crazy world. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do. But I also love getting my nerd on and marathoning my favourite shows, movies, running around a convention with friends, or randomly dressing up in costumes to go to 7-11. All of which feed the beast that is NerdLush. By the way, I’m blessed to have so many great friends that love the site as much as I and let their nerds out to play there, too. Proof that the geek/nerd community is the best.

And someday soon I hope to actually finish my dissertation. And meet Patrick Stewart ‘cos that’d be pretty cool