The following bio was crowd-sourced one sentence at a time from Molly Lewis’s twitter followers (@Molly23). She cannot vouch for its accuracy:

Molly Lewis is at least one of two people in the continental US named “Molly.” Known for her quirky songs and insatiable desire to woo the internet, Molly has also been known to slam revolving doors.

After realizing no one could see her behind a guitar, Molly picked up a ukulele, & single-handedly created an internet sensation. All of her ukulele strings are made from strands of her own hair, painstakingly treated in the fires of Mt. Doom.

Molly had a breakout year in 2009, in which she released a “I Made You A CD, But I Eated It” and made her first appearances at W00tstock and PAX Prime. Molly is known for playing covers of her own songs.

After setting sales records with her pop band Molly Lewis & The News, Molly disappeared from the zeitgeist for years. When she returned as a solo artist, she was ready to write about what really interested her: Mr. T and female reproduction. Molly got permission to use Mr. T in a song after beating him two-out-of-three in a curling contest.

Molly is a fan favourite and has a huge following in Canada among other places!

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