I’m Tara Platt and I am here to create excellence thru play!

I am an actor, writer and producer. You might find me on stage, behind a mic, in front of a camera, or leading creative teams while they bring a story to life. No matter what project I’m working on or in what capacity, I always strive to honour two values: playfulness and excellence.

I’ve produced theatre in New York and LA as well as forming a successful production company called Monkey Kingdom Productions in 2004; I’ve produced and acted-in two feature films with MKP, award-winning psychological thriller Tumbling After and mockumentary Con Artists. I also created, starred in and produced the highly successful web-comedy, Shelf Life, now in its fourth season. Most recently I was on Hawaii Five-0 and Castle, and appear in the Halle Berry movie The Call.

Together with my husband, Yuri, I wrote the award winning book, Voice-Over Voice Actor which we published through our publishing company, Bug Bot Press.

But my career isn’t about the mile markers, to me, it’s all about exploring your imagination. One of my favourite things about the world of acting is that it is all about discovering our own creativity and wonderment. Imagination thru the creative process is how I get to say YES to play.

What I bring to the game is unique, since I strive to learn and grow with every opportunity. Everyone I come into contact with gets to experience a high level of excellence thru playful adventure. And as a bonus, if I could wear costumes or disguises in alternate realities or time periods all the time when I work, I am living my bliss!