It’s the end of another great series of Doctor Who. “The Name of the Doctor” airs on BBC One at 7pm tonight and on BBC America at 8pm (7pm Central). If you’re having a viewing party or just hiding behind the sofa, what better snack could you have than the Eleventh Doctor’s “new mouth, new rules” favourite of fish fingers and custard?

Now, we aren’t going to suggest pairing fish fingers and custard – that’s a level of fandom that even we couldn’t aspire to. Instead, we’ve scoured the Internet to find our favourite takes on this Whovian classic. Don’t worry if you’re got a sweet or savoury palette – we’ve got you covered. Thirsty? You’re in luck!


The savoury recipes start with fish fingers / sticks and add a savoury dip that looks like custard. If you’re hosting a party and can get hold of ready-made fish fingers, these would be quicker to prepare. Here are four of our favourites:

Fish Fingers and Custard by The Geeky Chef.
This recipe replaces the custard with a tangy lemon honey mustard dipping sauce and add a dash of coconut to the fish fingers.

Fish Sticks with Custard (Tardis Sauce) by Alton Brown.
This recipe replaces the custard with a lemon mustard dipping sauce. The fish fingers are a bit more warming than The Geeky Chef’s recipe.

Fish Fingers (and Chips) with Custard by BBC America.
This recipe replaces the traditional fish finger with breaded prawns and chunky chips / fries. The custard replacement is simpler than the previous two recipes.

Fish Fingers and Custard by the Sous Chef
This is a different take on the “custard”, replacing it with a hollandaise sauce.


The sweet recipes stick with the traditional custard (vanilla pudding or pastry cream if you can’t get British custard) and replace the fish fingers with a cake or cookie stick. Here are three of our favourites:

Fish Fingers and Custard by delishiono.
This recipe uses pound cake for the fish fingers and adds a vanilla glaze.

Fish Fingers and Custard by Darla at Bakingdom.
This recipe goes with home-made cookie sticks for the fish fingers.


For this drink recipe, you’ll need to provide your own sweet (or savoury) fish fingers but after a few drinks of this, you probably won’t mind either!

Fish Custard Cocktail from Dining With The Doctor: The Unauthorized Whovian Cookbook by Chris-Rachael Oseland.

Two types of vodka and a graham cracker rim? Don’t mind if we do!