It’s been a week since Child’s Play Charity gave us the green light to start the hard work on ALL THE NOMZ! And what a week it’s been. We’ve already got two recipes under our belt, from Stephen “Stepto” Toulouse and Elizabeth from NerdLush, and interest from several others. Such a promising line-up makes us want to ensure that ALL THE NOMZ! is the best quality that we can make it, so we’re reaching out to graphic designers with the hope we’ll find someone who can give the book that extra zing, pow and pizzaz!

Hero of the week:

This weeks ATN Hero is Marian Call, Alaskan singer-songwriter and owner of a brand new Live in Europe album, for being a hirsute, ambulatory Professor X to our naive X-Men (I’m Wolverine!), in giving us much appreciated help and guidance on our little cookbook project. Thank you, Marian!

Until next week,


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