Now that All The Nomz! is underway, we’ve made the move into a vast, underground bunker where we can beta test our contributors’ recipes in complete safety. Deep below the English countryside, our research kitchens are coming to life, ovens, grills and stoves warming up, ready to create awesomeness from the recipes we’ll be receiving. The very best ingredients are being sourced from around the world, filling our store-rooms to the rafters. Finally, a select group of individuals have been chosen to taste-test the output of the recipes, so we’ll know that what’s going into the book will be great.

In other news, Lee, our Getting Things Done guy, has guest-blogged over at about what it is to be a geek and to be a part of the community that we’ve built together. It’s something that’s really worth your time, so head over there and have a read.

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